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Star Resort Group acquires, develops, and markets projects of its own, as well as provides sales and marketing, development and management expertise to other hospitality operators, landowners, and builders.  Star offers financing assistance and can become a strategic investor in instances where a consortium is involved in the development, marketing, and/or management of a project.

Leading the Industry

Star Resort Group’ founders conceived and built the first properties in the shared resort ownership industry, and are some of the most experienced and qualified professionals in the resort real estate marketplace.  From pioneering fractional ownership, private residence clubs, timeshare projects to multi-site vacation clubs, Star’s principals have served, and continue to serve, as contemporary leaders in the resort real estate industry.

The Wisdom of Experience

Each of the principals of Star Resort Group has over 30 years experience in resort development, marketing, and sales.  The company together represents one of the most experienced resources in the world today for shared ownership resort real estate products.

Solid Track Record in Sales

Setting the course for the nascent Private Residence Club and timeshare industries, principals of Star Resort Group represent over $1 billion in shared ownership and fractional ownership interest sales sold and closed. The combined marketing and sales activities of Star’s principals and allied partners have generated well in excess of $2 billion in resort real estate sales.

Full-Service Solutions

With an emphasis on strategic planning and development for new business entrants and project startups, Star Resort Group is a one-stop shop capable of taking a project from conceptual stages through to the successful sell-out of its resort inventory according to plan and within budget. We bring a developer’s perspective to assessing and mitigating risk exposure.

Services for Developers

Star Resort Group assists resort real estate developers in incorporating one or more shared ownership formats into destination resort and urban mixed-use development properties, along with hotel, ski, golf, beach, and/or second-home components.

Star’s principals are savvy developers, advisors, marketers and sellers as well as resort property managers, HOA managers, and providers of administrative financial services. Financing for Star qualified projects is available. The company provides developers and operators of luxury resort properties with world class Development and Marketing services.  Assistance activities are available for the following project stages:

  • Evaluation (SMART™ Project Evaluation)
  • Project Start & Planning
  • Transactional Services
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Owner Management and HOA Services

SMART™ Project Evaluation

Star Marketability Assessment Report

Star Marketability Assessment Report (SMART™) provides real-world information to a developer at a cost less than the traditional feasibility study, written from the viewpoint of principals who have been on the front lines in developing, marketing, and selling high-end fractional interests.

The report is made up of two components that, when combined, will give developers the information needed to make a go-or-no-go decision, and a head start on the specific nature of the offering:

  • A consumer research component provides statistical analysis of target audience demographics, levels of affluence, vacation travel habits, vacation home ownership patterns, levels of understanding of fractional ownership, and propensity to purchase a fractional product at certain price levels.
  • A written report authored by the principals of Star Resort Group offers (1) SRG’s professional opinion on the marketability of a project based on alignment with — or reasonable exceptions to — generally accepted criteria for success; and (2) preliminary recommendations on project scale, fraction size, use plan, architecture and interior design, services and amenities, and pricing.

Project Start and Planning

Time to get going?  Let the experts at Star help you or your clients with mixed-use projects, condominium projects, and/or fractional projects.

Star’s core team has deep experience in every aspect of the resort development and marketing business.  Whether it’s development, finance, re-starts, marketing, sales, or post-sales management, we have the expert skills developers need. We also have an extensive network of other professionals whom we trust and depend on to solve tough challenges.

The principals of Star have sold through the oil embargo of ’75, the recession of the early 80s, the Resolution Trust Corporation problems of the late 80s, and the ‘dot bomb’ of the late 90s – as well as the current recession.  We have survived, and we are thriving today. The specifics may change, but the principle of meeting new challenges with our core strengths does not.  Success in the present day economy depends on:

  • Vast experience
  • Varied skill sets
  • Hands-on expertise

Turn to Star for a Comprehensive Solution

  • Sales, marketing, operations expertise
  • Recommendations for other specialists
  • Advisory services
  • Project re-starts
  • Product formulation

Transactional Services

Once a comprehensive business plan has been approved by a developer, Star Resort Group’ relationship transitions to a transactional one in which the project’s requisite financing and human capital are secured. The range of transactions may involve securing additional resources, equity, investors, joint venture partners, or simply lining up project financing for development loans and/or consumer receivables financing.  We handle:

  • Preparation of Financing Plan
  • Lender Submissions & Presentations
  • Introduction to Capital Sources
  • Preferred structure – debt, equity, IRR’s with proven results

Key project personnel are necessary to implement the business plan.  Star assigns one or more of its principals during the planning phases, and then hires, with the developer’s approval, other needed team members.  All lenders require experienced project level personnel, and Star has access to these pros.

Star Owner Management and HOA Services

Star Resort Group directs marketing, sales and operational activities.  Star implements the marketing and sales program to turn the business plan into cash.

  • Marketing and Sales Plan Production
  • Lead Generation Programs
  • Identity Package Preparation
  • Collateral Creation
  • Launch Preparation
  • Event Marketing
  • Post-Launch Marketing Management
  • Sales / Marketing Recruitment
  • The Star Sales Training Academy
  • Sales Process Management
  • Local Broker Programs
  • Resale Program Execution
  • CRM tracking software

Marketing and Sales Services

Bringing owner expectations to reality is the job of HOA management or owner services.

Since every owner is the “boss” of the manager, the mindset of the hospitality manager is critical. There is a very little tolerance for error. The good news for the manager is that the annual budget is in the bank as the year begins, so staffing; maintenance and reserves are all taken care of.

Elements of the management job include:  HOA budget control, annual budget development, design and management of the reserve program, staffing for management, concierge, housekeeping, maintenance and amenities while reporting to the HOA board of directors comprised of fractional owners.

Star has a six-year record of managing the Northstar Club at Lake Tahoe CA. It has designed the management programs to be implemented by the hotel and resort operators at Snowmass CO, Stowe VT, Snowbird UT and Vallarta Gardens MX.

Through Star’s experiences we fully understand the connection between design, marketing, sales to hospitality management.

  • On-site Club & HOA Management
  • Development of Club Operating Budgets
  • Define & Develop Member Services
  • Reservation System Design
  • Resales Program Guidelines
  • Rental Program Guidelines

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